I am an agile freelance developer who leads through example and by getting things done; I provide my services to a number of companies across Europe and India and have done for some time.

A couple of years ago I took a break from full-time enterprise development and went travelling and working for free and when I got back started doing short term contracts around interesting pieces of work to help people

I now pretty much work full time with a remote team doing Erlang and JS on a project that actually does something. I am always interested in talking about opportunities though so don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Rob is one of those rare developers that combines excellent skill, communication ability, long-term technical vision, and justified confidence in his skills

Alexandros Marinos, founder of Rulemotion Ltd
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I am an open source developer

I learn in the open on github.com where others can benefit from my learning and use the code that I write as they see fit, I also take part in 48hour game-development competitions to practice fast delivery and the art of focus.

I don't have a particular philosophy about open source development, but I do believe that code is rarely the main intellectual property of a business and that there are postive benefits from engaging with the open source community

I have released 3D games written using JS and WebGL, contributed heavily to RavenDB and written my own database in Clojure as well as many other things that are also available on Github


I am an international speaker

I have been speaking about testing, databases and clean code for several years at many high profile conferences over Europe, as well as the occasional motivational keynote.

I am in a privileged position to have learned from so many client engagements, and feel that it is my responsibility to share as much as possible when I get the chance.

Travelling also allows me to meet many people and learn from them and these friends from around the world have become an important part of my life

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I write online content

I love writing technical content as a way of sharing my ideas on software and career development. I have a large readership on a number of topics including testing, client-side JS development, RavenDB and C# best practises.

I try to write about software as I develop it, aiming to both document my thought processes for myself and to try and share this with other people for their benefit

I occasionally write guest posts for other publications, but primarily keep the writing limited to my blog because I need time to actually build software.